Monday, May 5, 2008

Burning Bushes and Fru Fru Dogs

I read Exodus 3-4 today and noticed some cool stuff in Moses' encounter with the God of the burning bush:

  • The Lord got Moses' attention via a supernatural detail in the midst of Moses' everyday life.
  • The Lord spoke to Moses (calling Him by name in fact) only after Moses paused to turn aside and take a closer look at something different (a burning bush that wasn't burning up).
  • The Lord knew and called Moses by name even before Moses knew who God was (see Exod 3:4 & 13).
  • Moses just met God but was called to serve in an outrageously important role; he would come to know God intimately not in a multi-tiered discipleship course or seminary but in the course of fulfilling God's call to service ("The Lord would speak to Moses face to face as a man speaks with his friend"--Exodus 33:11).

How many times have I failed to notice something different--a glimpse of the supernatural--in the midst of things I've seen a 1000 times? Do I just assume that every brush fire I see is just like the last 999 I saw? Or do I take a second glance to see if there's something different happening, something worth looking into? God has placed in us a natural curiosity that causes us to turn aside when we see something out of the ordinary, but we may be just too busy and distracted to see the extraordinary details.

This weekend someone got a new yorkie pup and wanted to bring it over for my daughter (who thinks dogs are a higher life form) to see the furry ball of joy. As a result, my family and I spent a whole day talking, eating, laughing, and sharing life with some folks I love dearly who need a fresh if not first encounter with God. Just another overpriced fru fru lap dog? I see something supernatural in the details...I see a burning bush. God help them to see the same in us, then turn aside, and hear you call them by name.

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