Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hammers that Shaped Me (Part 1)

Over the last 16 years of my journey with Christ, there are a handful of "Hammers" or statements that have stuck with me or shaped me somehow. They are observations, quips, or quotes from mentors, heros, and others who have poured into my life in some way--whether they knew it or not. In a couple of cases, these "hammers" are observations or statements I've made that arose from what someone else wrote or said. Maybe you've been impacted already by some of them too, and if not, maybe you will be. They may not be original to the person I heard them from, but I'll tell you who told me anyway. I'd love to hear about "hammers" that shaped you and/or how these impact you. Here's hammer number with more to follow...

"You don't learn your way to Christ-likeness; you obey your way to Christ-likeness"
(Dr. Bill Bennett of Mentoring Men for the Master, Wilmington, NC)

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